Sunday, May 9, 2010

There are four primary attributes that describe what a GOD would be..

If any of these attributes are found in force then lets continue to see if GOD is real. These four primary attributes are:
1. Eternal,not involved with the flow of our time
2. Omnipresent,meaning found everywhere
3. Omnipotent,meaning all powerful
4. Omniscient,meanining having all knowledge
If we want to prove that there is a real GOD first we have to find one force that is ETERNAL. If an eternal force cannot be found then GOD cannot be proven.If all four primary attributes are found in one single force then it would prove there is a GOD or superior form of energy. Heisenburg came to the conclusion that quantum events cannot be predicted. All freed electrons behave as if they are being influenced by an outside variable or force.(uncertainy principles) In signal travels further and faster than light. By malcom W Browne. A force was found that connected two freed electrons and proved to be eternal,was present within our time yet was not involved with the flow of our time.
1.yes,eternal force was found!!
This eternal force connects to ALL freed electrons.Every particle that releases energy connects to this eternal force. Everything that is beyond our solar system is made of stars.Wich all release freed electrons, radiation, etc. This shows this force to be..
2. Omnipresent..found everywhere in the universe..should that be simple enough?
In experiments by russian scientist they found that laser photons knew when a DNA molecule was added in the vacuum. The photons/electrons collected around the DNA strand and began to change the order of the DNA. Changing it to what it desired..(would this be considered a process of evolution?) After the DNA was removed and the laser turned off. The excess photons remained in the position reassembling the DNA for over twenty two minutes. The easiest to prove thi force to be is.
3. Omnipotent..all powerful..
By our own eyes we see everything to be so complex. Complex galaxies, complex enviroments, and the complexity of nature and life itself. If this force created everything from nothing,seeing energy cannot be created, show this force to be..
4. Omniscient..all knowledge..Visual evidence is found in the distance of stars and galaxies across our universe..According to the first laws of thermodynamics energy cannot be created or destroyed. Then where did all the energy in our universe come from? Does it have anything to do with this same force being timeless? The force was able to use freed electrons to manipulate DNA. Showing what this force can do on a tiny scale, what can this force do to freed electrons on a large scale? Is the universe expanding from dark matter or thi eternal force? possibly how the whole universe was created in six days..


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  2. Very Provocative! I would reason that if this infinite force
    (God) were to cause its own destruction. Then "resurrect it's self re-entering infinity. then It would allow non infinite forces to exist within it's reality..Christ theory..Note the saints rose from the dead when Christ rose. Very similar to freed electrons..