Saturday, May 1, 2010

I have been what the world has considered to be "normal" my whole life. Twenty nine years here on this planet we call earth ,within just a few seconds my whole view about this planet, the lives that we live here as human beings was instantly changed.Now it is all starting to make since, or is it? I would not consider myself to be a religous individual but anyone who ever experienced the feeling of the holy ghost or a near death experience. They should have at least an idea of what i am trying to say..
I would say beams or waves of light is the best way to describe it. I call it "light information". It was sent to my mind in waves. Someone or something was sending me a message. Bits and pieces of information about our lives as human beings here on earth.Why and how we got here and where we are going to end up in the future. At first I admit, I thought I was losing it,going crazy or having some kind of breakdown. Here were these thoughts coming out of nowhere.With no prior warning or knowledge of the things I was soon to learn.
Before this happened to me I never focused my thoughts on the worlds most elite secret organizatons and the men and women who were a part of them. I never really thought about politics or paid too much attention to Nasa's space program missions. I did not even have any idea about the worlds most powerful people putting together a plan to start a one world government..I sit back and think about it now and I ask myself, am I crazy? Or am I aware?

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