Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"chronicles of thought"

After the famous Roswell crashes in New Mexico, our government took a giant leap within the evolution of our technology here on earth. I believe this era would be the foundation of the nano age. The microchip was born. The years to pass the devices would get smaller and the people would get smarter with every generation. So would the men and women who controlled the government system. They kept alot of technology classified. They duplicated this technology that they found in the desert of New Mexico. Building machines and devices that would be used in our military to carry out secret operations.Super quiet jets and helicopters that can not be picked up on radar. Heat seeking and gps guided missiles that fly to the edges of space to avoid detection, pinpointing targets from thousands of miles away.Our technology sucessfully landed rovers on mars and also colected some amazing images from different worlds throughout our galaxy..

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