Thursday, January 2, 2014

" chronicles of thought"

After the famous Roswell New Mexico  incident back in the 1940's our government suddenly took a giant leap within the evolution of the world of technology. This era would be the foundation of the nano age. The microchip was born. In the years to pass the devices humans utilize would get smaller and smaller and the people who made them would get smarter with every generation, so would our government. They kept a lot of this technology classified and duplicated it to build machines and devices that would be used in our military to carry out secret operation. Super quiet jets and helicopters that can not be discovered by radar. Heat seeking and gps guided missiles that fly to the edges of space to avoid detection capable of pinpointing targets from thousands of miles away. Human technology successfully landed rovers on mars and also collected amazing pictures of worlds throughout our universe. There is no doubt in my mind that this technology was used to install microchips into the bodies of unsuspecting humans. " For what ever reason these microchips are put inside the human body i am not exactly sure. I am guessing that it is more than just one reason." To keep all human life accounted for, would make it a lot easier for law enforcement to solve crimes and find missing people." For the most part I can say that my mind was tuned to a different frequency than most people. I felt the spirit of deceased beings in my presence. I was also able to communicate with multidimensional beings telepathically, share thoughts with them without seeing or even physically speaking. I learned that our united states government refused to participate within a galactic treaty, which would have been used for extraterrestrial beings to travel freely to earth and establish a sanctuary on our planet where they could stay and interact with humans. To teach them and make them aware about life beyond the stars. In my mind, I was given thoughts that deceased spirits here on earth were still here and unable to leave until all life on earth here no longer existed. Page 5 The good and loving souls were able to travel freely to and from the stars as they choose. While the Evil souls or spirits were not able to travel until the end of time. During that time, it would be when the giver of dreams sent back or nominated a new soul to become the Lord Of The Earth. That soul would remain here to past judgement on the unholy. There would be a spiritual battle here on earth between dark and light, good and evil, a battle for souls. A battle for humans on earth to make the right choices in life starting now. Choices that would decide if humans were worthy enough to posses the key to life and truly live eternal and free. I learned that most humans would make choices that would make them surrender their pride and dignity, enslave their minds and keep them providing the unholy with never ending strategy to manipulate them even more so, until they gained one hundred percent total control over everything they do or say and in some cases, even think. When I speak of the unholy, for the most part I am talking bout these secret organizations. Anyone living in the so called free world here on earth should realize that they need to comprehend viewing the human race from an outside perspective. In other words, something or someone from a different world. To an outsider of this planet we would tend to be compared to an ant farm by the method human beings operate. Humans keep their environment thriving but focus too much on the distractions. These distractions were created to keep the minds of most humans focusing on the most simple things that were not intended to be of much importance. While these secret societies could gain power and control of the most important nations of the world. The majority of humans pay too much attention to sporting events, television and worry to much about paying our bills, making it to work every day and being successful and wealthy. Distractions such as these compromise opportunities for the human mind to expand spiritually to its full potential. Humans worry so much about what they can or can not do and what they want out of life. Instead of what life would want out of them. Humans must have the potential to make the universe work for them individually and independently to make their world a fun and exciting place to live in. Earth is a world that is more magical than most people would choose to believe. There are multiple plane of realities or dimensions. These dimensions can not be seen with the normal eye. Some of these dimensions are host to spirits that are in the process of transcending. Other dimensions host unknown life that has never been seen by a normal human being.
 There has always been a spiritual war going on between the forces of good and evil since the beginning of human life. A war that uses the mind as a weapon of survival. The choices that humans make and the way they treat their selves and other living creatures would determine an individuals fate after their time has expired here on earth in the physical form. Everything in this world that is here is meant to be here. Everything that happens is for a reason to lay the path for a bigger plan that is in the works for the human species. Every human mind was designed to function in its on unique way. Human minds are versatile and they contribute to thoughts that will lead to one major event that has been a plan since the creation of humans. The following week after my mind was transcending between realities, I felt thoughts in my mind that someone or something wanted me dead. I had a close friend nearby the very first time it had happened, I would tell him what I was thinking from time to time. During the time that I had made first contact, in my mind I thought that I have may been under surveillance by some classified task force working for a law enforcement agency. I Had started to receive knowledge to my mind through music from my computer and programs that i watched on television. I can recall hearing a discussion among government officials about a topic that pertained diseases. I can remember one government official that mentioned quarantine facilities for people living with disabilities. At that time I really did not think too much of the conversation. Months later I learned that the government agency known as F.E.M.A has built and are occupying concentration camps that are spread out through various locations throughout the united sates. The camps were  known to been have built for the possibilities of civil unrest during a crisis or time of war. A more chilling scenario is that the government might use these facilities for imprisonment of american citizens during a period of marshal law. I learned that most of these facilities are equipped with crematory furnaces or ovens. They were also supplied with hundreds of stacks of plastic coffins. I am sure that these facility locations will be served for a number of purposes.

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